Martin M. Rosskopf

Creative Art Director & Motion Designer

Hello, I‘m Rossi. I create digital products with knowledge and passion.


With more than 20 years as a digital native, I tackle a broad variety of disciplines while creating meaningful experiences. With top notch tools, I develop two to three dimensional products in threehundredsixty degrees.


I create user-centered concepts and develop stunning prototypes. I am more than a technology driven designer, who lives and loves an agile workflow, from the very first idea to the finished product. I’d like to show you a selection of my portfolio, each project created with pride and passion.


You can find me in Frankfurt am Main. I am the guy who loves and always wears white sneakers and listens to a wide variety of music. I also love gaming and cooking, especially BBQing.


You can reach me 24/7, except during the Super Bowl and on Oscar night.

I'm ...

... a pixel-lover

I love every single pixel on my screen. Especially when they are moving.

... a UX-Fanboy

A pixel is nothing without a strong concept to support it.

... type addicted

From the very first minute, I have liked to play around with typography. Now it's getting serious.

... technology driven

From Lego to computer chips. I built my first PC when I was sixteen years old.

... passionated

I invest a lot of heart in almost everything I do. Even when I have to take a detour.

... a graffiti writer

The greatest of the four elements.

... a VR-Nerd

Addicted since the Oculus DK1 - now owner of a PSVR & Vive.

... a Pro-Gamer

FIFA, GTA, WoW, Diablo, Starcraft. Pro Gamer since 1998

... a prototyper

I like to feel "design thinking".

... an artist

I love pen, paper & canvas.

... open minded

I love to meet new cultures and talk to human beings to reach new horizons.

... scalable

I like to be involved from the very first idea, but I also can help out during an ongoing process.

... a team player

Every team needs to be one unit.

... strategy interested

It's important to understand the concept behind my concept.

feel free to drop me a line...




I believe in
honesty & passion.

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